Tempus Fugit | [Loki Seiðrmaðr MSL]

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Loki reflects on the consequences of time.


Mads couldn't sleep. That was nothing new. Ordinarily, he left the bedroom in the suite he shared with Tony, whether Tony was there sleeping or not. Loki left Dobbit in the suite, asleep in their big empty bed. It made Mads feel better to move, to get to neutral territory, of sorts. He headed to his lab, specifically his office there. If Loki's office could be called neutral ground. Technically, it belonged to Stark as well. It was just on loan, the whole thing. There were lots of reminders of Tony in the office as well. 

The gray couch he'd dragged in from his own office because the one Loki had originally had was too short for his long frame. 

The singing dragon that now had two songs on it. Loki's hand hovered over the head, but didn't trigger it to sing. He needed silence right now. 

The little sapling Loki had been nursing with the blue dirt Tony made. 

The last of the blue Morpho butterfly bots Tony had given him so long ago. 

And not least, in the corner, stood a cabinet that Tony had given him, full of hiding places, intricate and antique like Loki himself.



There were only a few precious items Loki kept in the cabinet, small things. He gathered them up and took them with him into the orchard that occupied most of his extensive lab space within the Research & Development Division. He had a bench in the back he liked to lie upon and gaze up at the canopy of apple leaves that didn't used to be there until he grew them. With his own hands, he'd taken his hopes for the future and made them into life. Into fruit. He plucked an apple along the way. One bite told him he'd still not succeeded in replicating the golden apples of Asgard from Iðunn’s apples. He dropped it absently, littering his path with his failure. 

The nightmare catcher. 
The apples. 
The throne of Jotunheim. 
The throne of Asgard. 

All failures. 

He wasn’t going to make it in time. Thor was mortal, Tony was mortal, Dobbit was mortal. They would all soon be gone. Too soon. If he didn’t find a way to do what seemed impossible, Loki was going to be alone forever. 

D E S T R O Y E R. 

Loki couldn’t out run his destiny. Thanos was coming. 

[artwork: mine]

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