The Investigation - Prologue

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Story of Barry Allen when he start to investigate the murder of his mother, Nora Allen. It took him 15 years to start the investigation.


“V Log one. December the first, two thousand and fifteen.”


I said that phrase as usual every time I start a v log of my investigation. And this one is no different. I don’t want to lost track so I made it my habit. This case is so important to me and I finally have the time to start it. The case of a murder that occurs fifteen years ago. The case of my mother’s death. I know I saw something, and I know that my father is innocent. He loves her so much; he would never do such thing. My father didn’t kill my mother.


“I already gather the old newspapers that I collect since that night. And I.. will start to arrange it on the board over there.”


By that board, I mean the investigation board in my lab at Central City Police Department. I know that I shouldn’t use it for my personal gain, but I don’t have anywhere else to do it. I can’t do it at home because I don’t want my foster father, Joe, or my best friend, Iris to find out about this. I don’t want them to get involved. I can do this on my own.


“The investigation will begin tomorrow. And I will do my best to solve it. At all cost.”


I let out a soft sigh then ended the video log. I turned the camera and the computer off before I turned my attention to a carton box. I put all the newspaper clipping inside the box all this time and I will put them all on the board. Of course, I will cover it with something so no one of my colleagues especially Joe, will find it.


“Well, tomorrow’s is a big day.”


I let out a soft sigh again, but this time, with a faster heartbeat as I turn off the lamp at the lab and walk out of there.