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Stranger in town. an open starter for anyone to join in

The day went as every day. feeding the horses and cleaning the stables, even that it is everyday the same, its everyday a joy to live here and be able to do this work.
Just when I thought it would be a quet afternoon and wanted to do my administration. Something I always hate to do. Then Jake came into the kitchen. He  stood only in the doorways ,I liok up and before I can say anything he start

"Kahls, you have to come to stable 3. Mihlan is gonna get her foal ".  I close my laptop and walk to the door. put on my boots and walk with Jake to the stable
"This is 2 weeks to early, I hope its going well".

In the stable I examen Mihlan and her body language tells me thats its not good at all, I turn my head to Jake

"Will you call dr Baker? I think we need his help"

not long later I hear the car from the vet and in notime he stand in the stable. An proffesional examen later he step closer to me

"The foal is still alive,  hear his heart. I will give Mihlan an Injection to keep the foal a bit linger , everyday longer gives more chances it will servive."

  • I nod and let him do his work. He is the vet for so many years, he was here already when I did visit the ranch as little girl.
    I know I can trust him.

When he gave the injectiin and some other medicatiin, he walk to his car and I go with him*

"Let Jake watch her and call me if she doesnt get better, otherwise I be bck tomorrow"

"Thanks dog, lets hope for the best, Its her first foal"

after a little pet on my schoulder, he get in his car and drive away and I walk back to the stable

"Jake will you stay with her. I go for a short ride, I need to clear my head"
*Jake smiles and say not to worry.

I saddle up one of the horses and  go for a ride in the woods*

My thoughts are with mihlan but the furder I am in the woods, the better I feel.
I cross the road and a bit later I realize that there was a truck standing on the side of the road, I let my horse turn around and see whats wrong

A male is hanging over the open hood and I smile when I let my horse stop next to him
" Howdy mister, do you need help?"