Baptism by Fire

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Antonia finds the source of her power

The Old Antonia


The surge of fire was taking over my body to the point where I was giving an entire new meaning to the phrase ‘Hot Flush’ this seemed to happen every time I was to think of the child we were in charge of, when she was around or when there seemed to be another witch killing in the Quarter. Clearly my powers were being affected by our current situation, I may have only left the city once but I am still wise enough to know when you add two and two together you get four.  Cheveyo chose this moment to come into my home and see how badly I was looking, the usually pale female was even more pale than usual and something was glowing from within her lower body. That situation isn’t something I could deal with right now, “Sorry…..Chev” doubling over my body falls to the ground and feels as if my skin is melting from my body, what the hell, reaching to Cheveyo hoping to communicate she should stay back I find that she isn’t scared at all but rather she is moving her lips and her eyes are speaking of love, honesty and hope. Finding it strange that I am now relying on this child to keep some semblance of sanity in my life I listen to the spirits who are now whispering to me ~the time has come, soon she will arrive~ as usual I have no idea what the meaning is but right now all I can see are blues, oranges, yellows, hell even purple, the smell of burnt skin mixed… is that Lavender?


“Shhh child, this won’t take long” the loving hand stroking my hair is obviously meant to be soothing but it isn’t, smacking the hand from my head “don’t….burn….you” yea I can’t talk, the spirits have decided to become silent, for once I am grateful because instead of being a force of comfort all I want to do is kill them all over again. The Hissing and spitting of the fire, burning of my clothes and skin, smell of burnt skin and bloody lavender is seriously screwing with my head, not to mention Chev is standing there whispering something while another woman is trying to sooth me……. Is this the end, seriously THIS is how I die with no explanation?

“Cheyeo, summon your father, it is time” oh this isn’t good, she said father?, “yes mother” and Chev said mother?, no no no shit now I know what this is, it isn’t time no this can NOT be happening, please no I love my life, I was just starting to grow into myself, no no no “don’t… me” gasping for air I can feel the tears falling from my eyes. Not wanting to see, feel, hear or smell anything I work hard to block everything until another surge of power enters the room but before I comprehend what is about happen my body is floating in the air stretching into a long line the room is shrouded in darkness, my body is pulsing up and down as if is pulsing to the beat of someones heart then a deep voice commands me to open my eyes and look at him. Turning my head I see a tall dark male with long black hair, a very stunning slim lady with red hair beside him and Cheveyo standing on his other side, the three have their hands locked together with their green eyes glowing

“Antonia Floares, daughter of the French Quarter Witches, daughter of the Floares clan, guardian of my daughter Cheveyo and now daughter to Catori Dalakis and Merrikh rise, step from the baptism of fire into your new life”

There was nothing I could do, his voice was not only commanding but seductive and to say anything about those eyes, well it would be a sin not not, they seriously looked like emeralds but glowing emeralds. My eyes couldn’t stop from looking into his. Once my body did as commanded I knew I was standing before the three of them in nothing but my birthday suit. No words were needed, not by  me anyway, the spirits were still with me and told me everything, not that I needed to hear it. As soon as my mind had snapped back into reality I realized who I was standing before.

“Hello?” I wave not sure what else I was meant to do, sure by the look of my hand my body had changed and I have tattoos now but I was still me, wasn’t I?

“Catori and I came to you with our daughter, you accepted and have now been rewarded. When you accepted our daughter into your charge we gifted you the power of fire, this power was given for selfish reasons, you needed an extra gift to protect Cheyevo from demons, the fire you carry is not just any fire it is hell fire, you can kill demons with your fire but if you kill ANY of my children you will die”


No idea what to do right now so all I can do is stand and watch them while listening to all that is being told, right fire from them, don’t kill their kids… who are their kids WAIT he said it is hell fire? Oh shit this is going to cause a little bit of a problem. No questions could be asked because the lady and gentlemen vanished leaving behind their daughter Cheyevo. She just stands there with a shit eating grin “daymn Toni you look sexxxxyyyyyyy “ she snaps her fingers then runs off to her room as if nothing had just happened

Slowly walking through my home, climbing the stairs with one foot in front of the other I can’t help notice my skin is not only smooth but seems to be as white as porcelain, but then my sight is miles better than it was before too. With my hand placed on the banister I can’t help but admire the tattoos i mean dude one second my flesh was melting from my body and the next i have tatts and…… walking past a mirror I find myself standing there oggling my own body, fuck i am sexy