Fire Power, the lack of control

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Six months ago a new power was bestowed upon me, how did I cope then and now?

POWER, it is an amazing feeling, it comes in all shapes and forms but to wield it is something I never thought would be bestowed upon me. Since I was created in my mother's womb I have always been able to feel, see and speak to spirits, this power has grown throughout my life, it has also scared the elders in our coven for some reason they do not see my gift as anything but a curse sent upon our family as a warning from our ancestors. However over the last six months fire has been releasing itself from my hands and I am unable to control it. 


Considering I am in my mid twenties I was scared, shocked then concerned when my body began to heat up as if my body was sick, using a conventional doctor can come in handy so after the visit to be told my temperature was normal and I am in full health I thought maybe mixing some potions together had caused the problem, however by the end of the week my blood felt like it was boiling under my skin, droplets of water were sitting on my skin then evaporating due to the heat. Metals and gems would melt or crack but when I was able to make a diamond in my hand I knew there was something much more to this than I had been thinking. 


It was when I was in the garden of our coven, setting up the firepit for our weekly ‘book club’ that I freaked out completely, the firepit had the wood in place, our drinks were on the tray which was always placed on a rock we had carved to look like an altar. Spirits around me were gasping and hiding, one began to cry begging me to not hurt her, it was then my body not only heated to the point my clothes were a pile of ash on the floor but my hands were thrown out in front of me with such force my body spun around, giving me whiplash. My sisters must have heard something to warrant the speed in which they came into the garden because the next thing I know I am cradled in the arms of  Iona with a blanket draped over me and another sister pressing damn clothes to my forehead while another sister is cleaning my feet and arms. 


Iona had paid me a visit a few days later when my biological sisters had released me into my own care, she told me fire had released from my hands with such a powerful force it looked like a volcano had finally erupted for the first time, the damn woman connected it to me losing my Virginity. 


So here I am trying my hardest to practice control over the new fire power, I have been reading books, asking the spirits for guidance hell I even went online to see if anyone is able to give some advice yet I am told the power which is wreaking havoc on my body is in fact something the movies and book writers have created so please stop bothering other covens online pretending to be an authentic witch. Shaking my head I have to wonder where this will lead. Yesterday I was making the pendants for the Magic Shop and could feel my hands warming while I was sanding the metal, today I have been working on potions and again I could feel my hands warming to the point where I had to actually place my hands in a bowl of water to ensure I didn’t melt the glass bottles, walking around my home naked is not something which is unusual, just unusual that doors and windows are open so the world has free reign to witness a naked Antonia moving around her home.