A Chance of a Lifetime

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Present-day, the world filled with so much chaos. The land that Fae Dimir took resident was closed off from the rest of the world. It was possible that the world beyond the wall of Askil. There wasn't just a stone and mortar wall that kept her people from the outside world, but a forcefield that bubbled the entire land. This mad the rule of the King absolute. Within the magic made forcefield prevented anything evolution of simple technology into a complex technology, as well as attacks from outside forces. Furthermore, the King had banned commoners and knights from engaging in magical acts. Magic was reserved for the noblemen. This made the land docile to the King. Exactly the way he wanted it. However, from time to time the people of Askil would hear about people coming from other lands. A lot of times, it was just rumors of things they could not even imagine could ever be real or even possible. If Knights' did find intruders from other lands, they would be instantly taken away, never to be seen again. The talk would just turn into rumors once more.

This was the land that Fae Dimir grew up in, but she had never had hardship fall upon her. For she was a noblewoman. She was lucky enough to attend the Kingdom's university to study many, many things. This did include magic. Though most time, one would find her nose deep in a book with a stack of books ready for her to devour. She liked nothing more than to be immersed in books. This is a trait she got from her father. She would often sit on the floor of her father's office while he worked. He would assign her books to read. To him, he believed that learning was the most important thing we as noblemen could do, to prepare for the future that we would be apart of. She loved this about her father, and she ran with this idea. One would think they would run out of things to write about since there was no trade with other countries. However, the one thing they had abundance in was enchanted areas to research about and the stories they came from traversing those areas. Since they did not consume resources in excess. It was easy to let things be and develop. So Fae was getting to learn all kinds of new things. She was really good at the practice of this magic, but she could successfully explain how others could do it themselves. Many of her young students had amazing success stories. This made her happy, to educate the youth of the noblemen. It wasn't a vast community, but enough to where she was always busy.

After waking up for the day, she watched as the sun rose in the east. A sight that would never dull from her mind. For nature was just as beautiful as the stories and information in her books. However, since most noblemen, especially, the females class would not be allowed to venture outside of their domicile without proper escort. It was declared by the King that the noblemen class was in danger by the commoners' violent ways. To people like her and her father, they believed this was just propaganda to control them all in some way. However, they did not push outside of popular opinion. Her father taught her many things, but duty was the most important thing he taught her. It was something she took seriously. Her heart might want to adventure the things she learned, or even look into rumors that washed over their country about the outside lands. However, she would do what was expected of her. Her resolve was concrete in this. Looking upon the sunrise brought joy to her. This gave her energy for the day. She rose from her bay window seat and started to head to the hall. The hall was where noblemen, noblewomen, and their children in this part of the land would converse and eat. She did not waste any time. The day before he said he had some news for her that she would love. Of course, Fae was eager to know what this new was. Her father only teased her knowledge of news, before he got called away to a council meeting with advisors of the King. Every moment of anticipation made her even more keen to know what it was. To her, it must be very important for her father to get her riled up. Her father wasn't audacious in his thinking. He never searched for grandeur. He enjoyed his station, but he knew a part of her wishes that she could have more to her life, as at the same time she appreciated every minute her blessed and dutiful life.

At that moment, she walked into the hall and saw her father at the end of the elaborate table that was filled with food and drink to her left. She gracefully sauntered by the eight-foot table that lined both sides of the hall with a six-foot-long table at the head of the hall. That table mostly seated King's advisor, not to mention the King and his family when he graced his present to their neck of the woods. Each table was lined with a gold-encrusted table runner. The utensils, dishware, and goblets were made from pure silver. The glitter of the sun through the stain-glass windows made the silver glitter. At times, she wondered what the commoners had at their disposal. It knew from her books that it must not look like anything like this. It did make her feel grim at this thought. Maybe it was her father's rearing, but she did not feel better than anyone else. Her birth and rearing were fortuitous for her. It was something she never let herself forget. Her father stood up when Fae reached him. They greeted each other with a loving hug and him kissing her forehead. "Dear Father, good morn." She said with an elegant and soft voice. He continued with, "Good morn my child. Are you well?" He pulled out the seat for her and she sat as he pushed her chair in ever so. "I do feel very well this morn, Father. To be honest, I am eager to know what you wish to speak to me about." She smiled at him, as he sat back down in his chair. She spoke with merriment in his voice, as to say that's my girl. "Well.." He lowered his voice not to interrupt the others in the hall. "I put in a request for you to do your own research in any part of the Kingdom of your choosing and field of study. It has been approved." It was a few moments before she could say anything. In all honesty, she was in shock. Noblewomen were always prevented from doing research out in the world because of fear the noblewomen would be hurt. Now, she had a chance to work out in their little part of the world, to do what she always wanted to. Could this be real? Impossible, right? "Are you saying, Father, I could go out in the world and do what I always wanted to?" Merely saying those words out of her mouth was remarkably insane to her. Not insane, because it was a bad idea. Merely insane for she never thought it would ever happen to her. "Yes, my child. Your work at the university, as well as what you do for the younglings, showed them your commitment to further the accomplishment and knowledge to this Kingdom and our noblemen." One could hear the pride in his voice. It was very apparent, he was very proud of his daughter. He knew she earned it herself. She was so elated, in that moment, that she began to tear up. They, of course, were happy tears. Her father knew this, and smiled at his daughter and cupped the top of her delicate hands. "Father, the fact you would request this on my behalf, I am truly honored. I will do you proud. I promise, Father." They continued to talk about the details moreover breakfast. She would have spent all day talking to him about if he did not have to tend to his other duties.

Only when she had time to think about what she wanted to research and wherein the Kingdom, did she allow herself the time to do so. It was about halfway between midday and night when she did so. She looked at her favored places and they just so happened to be the more unknown areas of the Kingdom. One area lied inside the mouth of a cave. Many creatures were attracted to that area because of the magical density of it. It was near the wall towards the north. She wasn't sure if that would get final approval from the King. She lingered into another direction. She wanted to research the potential uses of magically dense areas. If they can transfer this energy into tools to advance their own magic. However, it had not been successful, because magical dense areas were wild in nature and hard to tame. Another place was a swamp that lied southwest of the Kingdom. It was not drastically close to the wall. It could be seen in the distance. There were many more places, however, these two places stood out. A piece of her hair fell in front of her soft blue hues. She didn't even notice the fallen hair, because she was so focused on the materials of the areas she wished to research. Her nose kept twitching from the loose lock of brunette hair. She pulled her focus from the material that was in front of her. She tried to blow it away with lethargic effort. A long sigh released and then continued to push the lock of hair with her delicate fingers with a simple kind of grace. She merely sat there and thought. To her, the only thing in her mind that would possibly be approved would be swampland. They both dealt with dense untapped magical energy that could contribute to what she wanted. However, the swampland far enough from the wall to not be imposing on the laws. It was definitely going to more messier than what she would have to deal with at the cave, but there were areas of the swampland that was safe. That would merely add to the total to the expedition when it comes time to get a boat that can traverse the swampland. She felt the swampland would be the most acceptable to be approved. It was her first expedition, so she did not want to push the boundaries of what she would be allotted to do since she was only a noblewoman. She gathered all the things about the expedition she needed to collect to show what the purpose would be for. In the next few days, she and her father worked out the details of it all. She would have to have a servant to assist her with keeping track of everything, coachman that could drive the coach as well as boat, and have two knight escorts to keep her safe. They mapped out the shortest, safest, and fastest route to get there. They came up with a list of things they would need before they got there, and when they got there. All to show what kind of funds would be needed for this research expedition. After everything was finalized between the two, they sent everything to King for final approval.

It would be at least two weeks before they would hear anything back. So, they went back to their day to day things. Anticipation was merely building and building in Fae. It was exactly two weeks and three days, about midday when two Knights delivered the approval letter. It had been instructed that the Knight in charge require pre-expedition items and the items when they got to their intended location. She was filled with such enthusiasm that she wanted to get ready that afternoon. She got her things together that night along with figuring who would be her attendant that night. Her sleep was the most restless she got, but it was all for excitement. However, she was still perky in the early morning. Ready to go. Her father knocked at her door. She walked over to the door to open it with her wearing her traveling boots. Her dress was not anything special. Only because she did not want anything to attract unwanted attention. Even the carriage she requested was not as ostentatious. Just something that was sturdy to carry everything they needed. She opened the door to see her father. He had bittersweet smile on his face. "Father!" She was so happy that she instantly gave him a hug to hopefully comfort him. "My child, I am so proud of you. I know you will do such an amazing job with your research." She did not want to let go of him. He was the reason for any of this. "Father, it is all cause of you I could ever do anything like this. From encouraging me to be more than I could ever dream to be, to first applying for this opportunity. You have always been my guiding light, Father. Thank you for that." He squeezed her tightly, as he felt the same way of not wanting to let go. After a couple of minutes. They released their loving embrace. He escorted her to the carriage, as the servant followed behind. The Knights were on their horses waiting. The coachman and servant got the last of the things on the carriage, while she and her Father said their farewells. The coachman took Fae's delicate hand, as he guided her into the carriage. She took her seat on the other side of the carriage, as the servant took her seat next to her, the Knight in charge trotted next to Fae's window. "M'lady I want to make sure you know. I will do all in my duty to keep you safe. My only request is when it comes to your safety, you must listen." This seemed reasonable to Fae. "I trust you, Sir Knight, and I will do as you request." With those final words, seeing Fae was secured, the Knight in charge set forth giving the command to the others. They traveled for at least a week with very little stops. Fae's interactions were very few and far between. The times she was not attending to her needs she was reading. Maybe to some, that trip would have felt a lot longer, but her focus so intent in her book that she barely notice it. Once they got to the town that lied next to the swampland, they stopped and decided to stop at an inn. They would make their high command. They can easily store the stuff in the room, while the Knights, Fae, and coachman were off in the swampland. The servant can keep watch over everything.

The Knight in charge only let Fae out, when he felt that he had secured the inn. Once the Knight gave the word. The servant walked out, and then the coachman held at his hand for Fae. Fae placed her delicate hand on the coachman's hand. She bent down and stuck out her head. It was civilization. At least the kind she read about in books. It was actually amazing. She would not get to see much, merely because that was not what they were there for. However, to interact with anybody else, but servants, noblemen, and Knights. To know about commoners. "M'lady, this way. We do not want to doddle out here." The Knight in charge took charge. "Of course, Sir Knight." She followed him into the inn. It was quite obvious that they were getting strange looks from people. It did not make her feel self-conscious, but more like she wanted the Knights to ease up. However, she knew that would not happen. A woman came up to her and the Knights. "Good afternoon, m'lady. I hope you enjoy your stay." She continued by bowing ever so slightly. Fae assured her in the kindest and softest voice she had. "I am sure it will be exactly what we need." Fae smiled at her sweetly. The Knight in charged took it from there. "Will you guide us our rooms please, inn woman." The woman nodded her head and began to walk up the wooden stairs, Fae and her escorts followed. The woman opened one of the doors with a key and gave it to Fae. "This is your room, m'lady." Fae replied, "Thank you so much." Fae opened the door, and the Knight in charge inspected the room first before Fae entered. After he gave the go-ahead, Fae went in. She actually told the Knight in charge that she was going to retire early. The journey had wiped her out. The fact was she actually slept from the early afternoon to the early morning. She woke up refreshed and ready to get to work.

The first week was marking and visiting the most powerful places on the map. Seeing how it responds to different magical elements foreign it's normal habitat. The research was tedious. She got a few odd looks from the Knights and even the commoners. However, it did not bother her. As a noblewoman, she understood magic and the reason the research it. Rumors had been going around that this research expedition was merely ploy to start trouble in their little town. They were, of course, commoners so they did not see what Fae was actually doing. It made her feel like something bad was going to happen. Not because the townspeople really but merely cause they were there. One day on the boat there was a loud whistle, and then a collision at the bow of the boat. The boat rocked and left some scorched marks. Fae was very startled by this. The Knights looked around, trying to see where that came from. Before they could determine where it came from, another one shot at the stern of the boat. One could pass off as a build-up of dense magical energy, but two meant it was intentional. This made Fae panic a bit. Not into full hysteria. Merely for moments, she worried if she would ever see her father again. The Knight in charge looked at Fae, and knelt to her. "Merely breathe, m'lady. You have nothing to fear." He had full confidence that he would win, whoever this was. Luckily they were in a part of swampland that water was on a foot or two deep and they could go after this person. After they realized where it was coming from, they headed out. They told Fae to stay put. She wasn't about to go anywhere. The coachman was really on edge. Fae tried to confront him. Merely, at that moment, she realized these were like energy balls. The only other people allowed to do something like that was other nobles. However, why would anybody be after them. it wasn't like she was any kind of threat to other nobles. At least to her. She was honestly confused. She heard the clanging sounds of sword battle and thankfully for the moment the energy ball things stopped. After a few minutes, the sounds dissipate. She was so nervous she wanted to go see if they were all right. However, she did not want to do the exact thing he said not to do. Then suddenly, the Knight in charge emerges line of sight, dragging his unconscious comrade. The Knight in charge throws the other Knight on the boat, and the Knight lets out a little groan of pain. Fae begins to collect energy into her hands to heal him. However, before she gets to help him at all another energy ball comes out of nowhere, and lands in the middle of the boat. The Knight in charge takes up his sword again. The coachman is knocked out in the water with the other Knight. Fae pulls herself together to try to help them. Before she could the Knight in charge takes her hands. "Run!" He said it in such a way that it was clear he would only say it once. Finding her better judgment she did run best she could through that swampland. She knew of a magical practice that she had tried, but not perfected. Only cause she never was good at performing her magic well. It was teleporting. She also did not know if trying to do this in the magically dense swampland would supercharge it. She could not waste time thinking. She had to act. She would focus on the inn. She was not confident she would end up there though. Fae focused her mind on what she wanted to do and allowed the energy to build around her. She finished by releasing. This scattered her to pieces of energy and they floated in the air. It came together, making her whole. Though something was definitely different. She could feel it. She was near the wall, but at the same time, she was near a town that did not seem familiar. Actually it seemed completely foreign. She had a fleeting thought. Could she be outside Askil? Just the thought of it terrified her.