Rosie's Diary to Jackson - My life away for two years

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Rosie was away for two years but no one knew where she was and what she was doing, Jackson couldn't believe the new Rosie so wanted a detailed report of her life. Here is part 1

The kill was just like any other kill, you know female frustrated with life and taking it out on a man was just damn easy, so luring a woman into the square by pretending I was infatuated with her was so simple, reaching for her hand I smiled and winked at her as the tip of my tongue slowly moistened my lips, using my spare hand I brush the hair from her plain face and whisper that I have a treat for her. Being in Romania adds a little mystic to the atmosphere. everyone knows not to trust a stranger while out during the night however no one cares there are predators roaming in the daylight. Taking her for a slow and loving walk through the forests my lips move to her ear while my hands wrap around her body and rest on the plump backside she has been wiggling for a while. Squeezing her ass I push her towards my body and growl how I want to eat her and make her scream for me until her heart stops beating. She kisses my lips with such a loving and tender touch I feel almost guilty for NEEDING to kill her. With a step back voicing my instructions to kneel before me with her hands behind her back I tip her chin up and look deep into her eyes. Those eyes are still haunting me now, she looked up at me with trust and adoration but also with the silent plea to love her yet all I wanted from her was her heart. With the tips of my fingers I closed her eyes while my right hand reached into her body and ripped her heart out, laughing I lick the blood from the pumping organ and sit chewing slowly knowing this was going to be the last time I ate anything human there was no way I was going to allow myself to become my father’s weapon, killing humans stands against everything Jackson and I stood for so allowing Fenris and Nott to seduce me to killing humans was the first place I had to learn to stop. Once I was able to only kill demons again, I knew I could return to my brother.

So yes I got to kill a human female as my last act as the evil wolf, or so I thought…. Would you say taking the meat to a butcher and then turning it into a human burger count as being evil? I wouldn’t


Over the next few months I was as restless as I can remember, my soul was having a battle between the goodness of my mother and evil of my father yet not one part of my body mind and soul ever thought to ask me what I wanted, it seems all forms of life in any universe was only interested in my heritage. It was only when a demon sent by my father appeared before me in Russia I lost it. He demanded I returned to either hell or Asgard to give father the answer to my life. NO what he wanted was me to fall at his feet and beg to be part of his family and end the world, because lets face it he is that fucking useless he couldn’t do it all because Nott was sent to seduce him by my human mothers pack. Yes I still refer to her as my mother because Nott betrayed her wolves once she had a taste of Fenris. So when this demon thought he could enter my mind and manipulate me to chose my father’s desire I slapped him with a desire I knew he hated  seeing, he decided to lay his hands on me, I showed him just how he can live with no hands (seems this demon could only generate new hands three times a year and I was the third person to take his hands), finally his lips landed on mine and I burst with enough energy my body vanished to reappear in the court of Odin.

He was sat on his thrown with two stereo typical Valkyries guarding either side of his throne, the smirk on his face told me he knew I was going to appear before him in my wolf form, this meant HE was the one who sent the demon not Fenris. Snarling at him with hatred in my eyes he just sat there locking his eyes with mine waiting for me to lower my ears and tail in submission ‘ not going to happen old man, keep eye contact and we both know what will happen’ I sent the thought to him keeping my hackles and ears raised. Something was coming and it wasn’t a bath. Time up here in Asgard is different to being on earth so I had no idea how long we pretended to have this stand off but against my will I fell and landed on my naked human body with Loki standing over me. Shaking my head I turned to lay on my back exposing my body to him and smiling “hey there grandad, care to take a seat and join us?” he knew I meant ride my body till one of us screamed with excitement but he behaved, lowering his hand to help raise me to my feet my body became clothed in silks fit for an Asgard Queen. Placing his arm around me with his hand landing on my hip he reached over with his free hand to stroke my hair as if he was stroking the silky soft fur he loved. “call me that again and we will have children of our own little wolf,  we both know how much I love to stroke that body of yours” the glint in his eye told me he wasn’t joking. “Father I see you found my little wolf, why have you allowed yourself to be seen with your mistress?” he eyes the Valkyries knowing very well he is loyal to the bitch of the week. He stands with that all powerful stance expecting us to lower our knee, we don’t. “Ástríðr come forward child” all jokes aside he does look like Santa Clause and for that reason I move towards him and allow my  mouth to run away with me “may I sit on your lap and snuggle Sanata, its been on hell of a day” he actually bloody well laughs and takes a sit pulling me onto his lap, stroking my hair just as Loki did “you have a battle waging inside your soul my child, how can I help?”


The look of shock was obviously expected because he chuckled and shook his head, “my Valkyries are only here because Hel has been trying to slither her way into this chamber, you are save here little wolf” with that Loki manifested around the throne reached for me and flashed  us home so I could sit in his house and talk to him instead “all this movement is making me sick, could you stop and walk like a regular human just for once geeze” leaning over I hurl onto the floor watching my sick disappear before it hits the bone floor he is proud of. “I know you don’t trust us Rosebud…”my head shoots up to glare at him, he knows only ONE person calls me that and he aint it “sorry child I had to gain your attention and you only focus when your pissed. Listen, Hel is after you she is sending her minions to track you down and swallow you whole so you will serve her, she knows you are deciding if you are going to join Fenris pack or not “ he suddenly transforms into the human grandfather I had never known, he knew this would soften me just a little “ of course I want you to be a full member of my son’s pack but we both know your soul will die unless you remain true to yourself “ he raises his hand as my mouth opens to give him a reply “no Ástríðr listen to me for the first time in my life I am being deadly serious, forget how I am being portrayed  in the movies and hear me as no other has heard me before. I do not want your light to dim child, I want YOU to be as unique as you are. You have the blood of my ancestors as well as the blood of the Meleki, you could form your own pack and leave all this behind” he reaches out to me and pulls me into his body where he shelters me from all sights and sounds so I only focus on his heart beat and words “be true to you, I promise you little wolf you will always have us here to protect, play and guide you but right now you need to grow as a human not just as a wolf” he inhales a few breaths before placing a tender loving kiss to the top of my head then stands and orders me to shift back into my black wolf with glowing blue eyes “ Ástríðr, my granddaughter and future ruler of the Fenris Pack, you have the power of two powerful packs flowing through your veins, you are all that is good and evil in Asgard and Earth. I bind you to your human self for one year once you leave this palace, only I your grandfather will appear to you however you will sense when danger is near, your wolf senses will remain just as they did before you learned of your true heritage. Go live your life as a human but know this old man’s face as your grandfather who comes to visit you in New Orleans where I will return you” before I could say a single word I had appeared in my old home within the French Quarter only dressed for College not to fight.